Engagement Models / ODC model

The Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

Now a day's business environment is spreading with powerful competition, worldwide development, rigid fulfilment, security issues and increasing customer requirements & maturity. The demanding business situation makes it crucial for organizations to line up IT with your business objectives.

The Offshore Development Centre (ODC) has become a progressively more popular business model for companies & businesses of all scales to help boost productivity and reduce operating expenses by leveraging offshore talent. ODC model is also demonstrated as highly efficient tool for providing clients with superior visibility & inevitability in the development process.

The ODC model has also proven to be a highly effective tool for providing clients with greater visibility and expectedness in the development process. Not to be unobserved in the strategic planning process, offshore development is not only considered with respect to technical skills and quality but also about an association based on trust, mutual respect and compatibility.

It is very crucial to choose right ODC partner for the success of the organization's offshore strategy. Vailca consulting services will ensure that you select the right partner, & that your ODC plans are associated with your business and strategic objectives. We provide best quality solutions & consistent cooperation with a vision beyond the projects in silos & a long-standing value proposition that enables you to acquire your business goals faster.
  • ✓ Vailca's ODC offers following advantages:
  • ✓ Increases your capability in terms of development & programming
  • ✓ Fill the specific skill gaps & acquire more resources & technologies which are complex to find
  • ✓ Highly committed & skill team to match your project requirements
  • ✓ Professional team of developers who stick to their performance level & delivering their best
  • ✓ Consistent communication plan & strong monitoring
  • ✓ Reduced cost & enhances business opportunities