Engagement Models / Managed service model

Managed Service Model

Managed service model in an organization includes providing service to the client under a contracted service level agreement. This term differs for various organizations, and mostly depends on their business or service they provide.

A managed service provider takes the responsibility to outsource complete management activities which was provided traditionally from working staff. However managed services are not ultimate solution for every possible concept of business, it has to be customized based on needs of organization which greatly depends on service provider's portfolio of services.

Over the last decade, IT service providers have become leaders by moving up through the business chain. As companies and organization acquired functional knowledge of businesses, they have developed the skills and knowledge to provide managed service and system support services. Managed services has proved to be essential for transforming services into a new business in today's highly complex and fast moving technology space; where meeting and exceeding a price sensitive customer demand is of paramount importance.

Vailca provides managed service models to their clients and has established a presence in service industry. Our clients have been enjoying our services and we are helping to build them their business and reach new limits.