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Inside Vailca

At the most fundamental level, VAILCA provides business technology services. We do more than just deliver technology. We offer a unique expertise that comes from rich customer experience.

We start by creating solutions based on our winning combination of insight, innovation, and deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies. And we offer an optimum blend of skills-backed by tools, methodologies, and best practices that reduce the cost and risk of deployments.

At VAILCA, our focus is on your success, and it is behind everything we do. A business technology solutions and managed services provider, we are committed to building business value for you. Just as we've helped thousands of others, we can help you reduce costs, boost productivity and enhance collaboration so you can increase your business agility and improve customer loyalty.

It's a collaborative approach with each other, our partners and our customers that help you achieve the results you're looking for. From our unique insight based on thousands of successful customer implementations around the world to our close relationships with IBM that give us first access to their products and deep access to their expertise, we have a team of talented resources ready to help you maximize your technology investments.

Delivery choices, proven processes and tested tools

Taking your organization from the promise of results to realizing results begins with our investment in proven delivery methods and tools. In its simplest form, it's how we work. We provide a consistent experience for each customer by providing our consultants with a common set of tools and training that enable us to function as an integrated global team. And we can deliver the proven, repeatable - even flexible - solutions you need. Whether floating in the cloud or grounded on premise, we can help you make the most of your budget and resources.

Technology leadership

A passion for technology is at the core of our values. We have more competencies than anyone, anywhere. Which means we understand how technology impacts people and processes. And we can bring that insight to your organization.

Real world expertise

When you work with VAILCA, you don't just benefit from our deep IBM expertise. You gain a strategic partner that can help you address today's business challenges, and prepare your business for tomorrow. Our people have that special mix of IBM Websphere skills, business acumen, industry experience and program management skills to fashion solutions that maximize your competitive edge. Working together with you, we'll deliver the IBM websphere business solutions for you to reach your goals - now and in the future - and realize results.

Visions and Values
Since our inception, our vision and values have guided VAILCA's growth and our work with customers. Our vision is to be recognized as a global services innovator, helping customers realize the best results from the Microsoft platform. Our core values define how we:

  • Achieve through global teamwork
  • Focus on customers
  • Embrace change
  • Demonstrate a passion for technology
  • Build the VAILCA experience
  • Act with integrity, dignity and respect