Engagement Models / Built operate transfer model

Build-Operate-Transfer Model

Built operate transfer model, the name itself defines the model. BOT is one of the forms for project financing.

Following is the detailed description

Build: Set-up the facility, infrastructure, staff development centre and knowledge transfer

Operate: Manage offshore organization: Project Management, Project Development, maintenance, enhancements, Quality Analysis and product support

Transfer: Register a new offshore subsidiary for customer, transfer assets, and handover operation

BOT offers attractive business benefits and opportunities over the traditional offshore business development structure which includes rapid scaling of operations, wider service offerings, quickly filling business model gaps, Lower infrastructure set-up costs and reduced time to operations through utilization of knowledgeable 3rd party management resources responsible for:

  • Real Estate
  • Government rules and regulations
  • Cultural transition
  • IT infrastructure procurement
  • Security

We at Vailca, maintain transparency, efficient and quality work with smooth work flow. You control your projects and allocations of skills our skilled experts and technologists will be your employees, permanent extension of your staff, fully integrated to your environmental culture. Vailca helps you achieve your business objectives under your guidelines. During the stage of transfer, you will have option to retain same individuals with complete processes that brought positive results.